• Kataribe
    • Izakaya
    • nosmoke


    A local old-school izakaya with a great selection of quintessential local classics and drinks. This is the essence of Tono dining.

  • Anbe
    • Lamb Barbecue
    • nosmoke


    A local institution, Anbe is loved by generations neighborhood regulars. Tono’s long obsession with lamb barbecue holds its roots here.

  • Tono Brewing Taproom
    • Beer Restaurant
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    Tono Brewing Taproom

    Attached to the brewery, the Taproom is the perfect gathering spot offering freshly brewed classic and seasonal beers along with locally inspired bites.

  • Beniya
    • Sushi
    • nosmoke


    Tono’s long-time favorite neighborhood sushi restaurant, Beniya offers Zumona beer on tap along with a great sake selection.

  • Tonogohan at Kaze no Oka
    • Various
    • nosmoke

    Tonogohan at Kaze no Oka

    Located inside Kaze no Oka, Tonogohan offers an assortment of Tono beers and bites. During warm months the outdoor dining terrace is a perfect spot to enjoy a barbecue and a beer with a fantastic view.

  • Dakke
    • Fried Skewers


    Tono’s only dedicated spot for classic kushiage fried skewers. Craft beer and a range of drinks can be enjoyed with a range skewers and other local favorties.

  • Onohizume
    • Italian
    • nosmoke


    Run by a dairy farmer-turned chef, ingredients are entirely locally sourced. Offers craft beers and a dinner course pairing (reservation required).

  • Suzune
    • Japanese
    • nosmoke


    A small, hidden eatery offering traditional Japanese cuisine. Chef’s delicate dishes are best enjoyed with her selection of craft beer.

  • Kuishinbo Chikara
    • Izakaya
    • nosmoke

    Kuishinbo Chikara

    Loved by locals and home to one of the most extensive and well-curated sake lists in town. Their signature oroshi-tonkatsu is a crowd favorite.

  • Tono Shokuniku Center
    • Lamb Barbecue
    • nosmoke

    Tono Shokuniku Center

    A local lamb barbecue specialty restaurant known for its offerings of rare cuts and lamb sashimi.

  • Den
    • Izakaya
    • nosmoke


    A homey and welcoming izakaya located right next to Tono Station with great hospitality and occasional live music.

  • Brew Note Tono
    • Cafe&Bar
    • nosmoke

    Brew Note Tono

    Opened by a legendary hop researcher, Brew Note houses an exceptional sound system and record collection. Come for coffee, or stay for a beer. A great jazz bar not to be missed.

  • Hitsujimaru
    • Lamb Barbecue
    • nosmoke


    A high-quality lamb barbecue joint known for its delicous home-made barbecue sauce. Locals like to end the meal with their signature chilled noodles.

  • Reverse
    • Bar


    A lively bar located close to Tono station. Open late with an array of cocktails, beer, and a friendly bartender.

  • Itoke (Bangari)
    • Soba
    • nosmoke

    Itoke (Bangari)

    Locate in the heart of old-town Tono, Itoke’s homemade soba uses locally harvested buckwheat. A welcoming atmosphere and diverse menu makes it great for both groups and individual guests.

  • Denshoen
    • WiFi
    • gourmet


    The word densho means "to pass down tradition." The Denshoen park has converted real village homesteads into a collection of museums and workshops offering traditional experiences.

  • Tono City Museum

    Photo: Tono City Museum

    • WiFi

    Tono City Museum

    The first of its kind in Japan, the Tono City Museum is a local folklore museum highlighting the nature, lifestyle, and culture of Tono through folk art and folklore.

  • Kaze no Oka (Tono Produce & Souvenirs)
    • WiFi
    • グルメ

    Kaze no Oka (Tono Produce & Souvenirs)

    If you’re on the lookout for local seasonal vegetables, traditional snacks, or an afternoon beer on the patio (with a stunning mountain view), Kaze no Oka has it all. A hub for local produce and souvenirs, this is a pit stop not to be missed.

  • Tonogo Hachimangu Shrine

    Tonogo Hachimangu Shrine

    Established in 1189, this 900-year old shrine is one of the most highly regarded in Tono. In September, several traditional festivals and performances are hosted here including yabusame, an ancient art of horseback archery.

  • Tono Folktale Museum

    Tono Folktale Museum

    Tono being home to many of Japan’s celebrated folktales, it naturally needed a museum dedicated to the tradition. In addition to an archive of artifacts, the museum also offers a small traditional theater for live storytelling performances.

  • Tono Furusato Village

    Photo: Tono Tourism Association

    • WiFi

    Tono Furusato Village

    An expansive reconstruction of the mountain lifestyle during the Edo period, the Furusato Village offers a range of activities and workshops along with an escape into a vast, beautifully preserved landscape taking you back centuries.

  • Megane Bridge (Miyamori River)

    Photo: Tono Tourism Association

    Megane Bridge (Miyamori River)

    As if pulled straight from a classic film, this five-arch railway bridge was originally constructed back in 1915. Today, it is still in operation with a steam locomotive making its weekly passage for a nostalgic viewing experience.

  • Takamuro Suikoen

    Photo: Tono Tourism Association

    • WiFi
    • グルメ

    Takamuro Suikoen

    The Suikoen park is a vast Japanese garden complete with a public bath, restaurant, and lodging. Pefect for a refreshing afternoon walk or a relaxing overnight stay.

  • Kappa no Chaya Cafe

    Photo: Tono Tourism Association

    • グルメ

    Kappa no Chaya Cafe

    Located next to a famous river where the infamous kappa -- a mischievous water-dwelling creature popular in Japanese folktales -- is said to reside, the cafe offers light bites with a hop farm in view.

  • Kamigo Produce & Goods
    • gourmet

    Kamigo Produce & Goods

    A perfect stop while out cycling, Kamigo is a farm-to-shop produce outlet popular among locals and visitors alike. Aside from fresh local produce and goods, the seasonal gelato is also sure to please.

  • Fukusenji Temple

    Photo: Tono Tourism Association

    Fukusenji Temple

    Home to one of the largest wood-carved Buddhist statues in Japan. Cherry blossoms and azaleas blossom beautifully in the spring, while the changing leaves in the autumn are equally breathtaking.

  • Unedori Shrine

    Photo: Tono Tourism Association

    Unedori Shrine

    Well-known amongst couples, the Unedori Shrine is widely recognized to be the shrine of romance and partnership. The red cloth is tied to signify longevity in a couple’s relationship.


Explore local sights and cycle the valley with a scenic mountain backdrop.

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Bike Rental Prices

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*Bike rentals are available between April-November

For multiple-day rentals, please contact Tabinokura Tourist Information Center.

Special Discounts
For guests staying in Tono, please show the discount ticket with the name and stamp of your lodging accomodation.
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Tabinokura Tourist Information Center

Bike Rentals
(Located in front of Tono Station)

Tabinokura Tourist Information Center

Located right in front of Tono Station, this multi-purpose facility offers sightseeing information, souvenirs, bike rentals, lockers, public showers, and a rest space.


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